Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner

Mountaineer Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner knows a thing or two about sleeping in extreme places.


Jessica-Joyce Sidon’s love letter to her pillow.

Patricia Zhou

Ballet is such a demanding vocation that it takes over your whole life.


Vincent Brass’ love letter to Seifred.

Wilfried Erdmann

During long sea journeys sailor Wilfried Erdmann keeps himself awake by dripping tabasco on his tongue and eats his meals on the floor.

Dreamy Books

Three books concerning themselves with the notion of dreams.

Bedside Lamp

Lilly Wolf’s love letter to her bedside lamp.

Ruth Barry

London really makes you work for your place, whereas Berlin is kind of just happy to have you.

Rafael Horzon

I always sleep well. Like a baby. The sleep of the just.


A gothic study of jealousy.

Tantra Massage Berlin

The topic of tantra massage doesn’t come up in conversation often – but what is it all about?

Anne Philippi

Journalist Anne Philippi discusses sleep rituals regardless of location, contemporary nomadism and how childhood dreams can actually come true.

Sleeping Beauty

Beauty sleep is a familiar notion. It keeps you looking your best, one well-rested night at a time.

Till Janz

(Not quite) Berliner-by-choice Till Janz knows what it means to dream big while keeping himself firmly grounded.

Lust & Love

And no matter how high or low the moon is, it’s always dangling above the Seine.

Veronika Heilbrunner

If I understand in that moment that I’m dreaming, I can play the director and do really crazy things.